I have been watching their Instagram and Social Media accounts for over a year. Seen his Instagram with his French bulldog and knew if I ever had the right moment in life to get one I’d go straight to him. He shows so much love and cares so much for his dogs and puppies. Recently with my older dogs passing the house was quiet and Orlando hadn’t had many puppies posted for homes on Instagram till he posted ‘Sandy” now my Willabee. She’s the cutest, chubby black brindle and I dabbled back and forth to if I was ready and Dr Ramirez worked with me and helped me make that little one mine. She made her flight from Texas to New Hampshire with the best airline care for dogs that they cleaned her up and gave her a clean blanket after her layover! Willabee has been a great addition to our home and has helped our “dominate aggressive” Boston terrier learn to play again and share! She is a sweet,  healthy puppy, with an amazing outgoing personality (which is scary when you can’t meet the puppy first to know if they are personable or outgoing). She is so cuddly and very smart for only 13 weeks old; already knowing to ring a bell at the door to go out and when you call her she comes running. Thank you thank you thank you to the breeder for dealing with me and all my none stop questions and helping get little Willabee into my arms! I recommend you to all my friends and you are an amazing breeder not only with working out official stuff but for your passion and care to your French Bulldog!!!


Top French Bulldog are beyond amazing and I should know – I have TWO of their puppies as I live alone so they really do keep me company indoors! They have tremendous knowledge about this breed and have a deep love for them which I found a wonderful thing. They know the joy these dogs will bring their owners – and they do in spades. I got my first Frenchie bones, from them 7 months before getting his half-sister Bitz and I can attest to the fact that you simply cannot have just one French Bulldog. -Their antics together are so engaging and downright hilarious. The depth of their love and affection for each other is only surpassed by their adoration of their owner. I cannot say enough about Top French Bulldog and certainly could go on and on about puppies.

Burbank, CA

Arianna Eisenberg – Aegis Film and Production Group

What a pleasant experience this was! At first, I have to admit we were so afraid about spending this kind of money and maybe not getting a good dog. I put all those worries to bed and now, we could not be happier. Sarah is the best and she is gorgious. We didn’t care about a “show dog”, but now if we wanted to……well we get stopped on the street. Dr. Ramirez has always been there for us no matter how long ago we bought our dog. His wife is so knowledgeable and I never feel like I am bothering her. Her passion for the breed is obvious. Can’t go wrong here.

Redding, CA

Yvonna Kuyper

“My wife found Top French Bulldog on a Google search a few weeks ago, having browsed through plenty of other breeder’s sites, we knew right away this was the place to purchase our very first Frenchie. The breeder, was very knowledgeable and taught my wife and I the true meaning of owning and properly caring for a bulldog. Knowledge that I doubt most “backyard” type breeders are NOT aware of. Our Frenchie is 100% healthy and we couldn’t be any happier with our purchase through TFBD.Thanks!!!”

Los Angeles, CA

Joe Lazaro – Jlazaro Design

We found Top French Bulldog on the Internet and despite our fears of buying far away we found ourselves feeling comfortable enough to journey from Spokane, Oregon to Texas and collect our new baby Felecia and bring her home with us last month. She is a companion for our other dog “dude” the bull mastiff. Our experience has been nothing but positive because the breeder is a wealth of information and has been there for us for the following months after our purchase. His wife is a Vet too, she is passionate about her breed and all animals and will be there for you for many years following your purchase if necessary. Our exchange about the dogs has eventually evolved into a friendship that I value very much. Without a doubt when we are ready for another frenchie I will journey again to Texas!

Spokane, WA

Theresa and Markus